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Begin the adoption process by either submitting the form below online, or printing the form below. After filling it out, mail this form with a non-refundable $500 deposit to:California Labradoodles, LLC • P.O. Box 620504 • Woodside, CA 94062.  You may also submit your application online. To submit your application online, please type in your answers on your computer in the spaces provided, and then click on the submit button below to send it to us. You will need to follow up with a non-refundable $500 deposit sent either by check or using our online Paypal process on our adopt a puppy page. We will notify you once your application is completed and approved. Please note that your application is not complete until we have received both your application and your deposit. We will add you to the waitlist once we have a completed application, and your application has been approved.


Apartment #
City, State, Zip
Home Phone
Cell Phone
Preferred Airport
Do you plan to pick up your puppy or have us ship him or her to you?

1. Why are you interested in a labradoodle?


2. Does anyone in your family have dog-related asthma or allergies? yes no


3. Are you interested in a family companion dog (desexed) or a breeding dog? (intact) or becoming a care family for one of our precious breeding dogs?

*Please note that the breeding dogs are considerably more expensive and have different adoption requirements. In a care family situation we place one of our pups in your home but retain ownership and breeding rights with very specific requirements and responsiblities on the part of the care family.


4. Do you prefer Male or Female?

Are you willing to keep waiting for that sex only? yes no


5. What size puppy are you looking for?    Miniature    Medium

  • At this time we are only breeding miniature and medium sized Australian Labradoodles.
  • A miniature labradoodle will mature between 14 and 16 inches in height and weigh between 15 and 30 pounds.
  • A medium labradoodle will mature between 17 and 19 inches tall and weigh between 30 and 45 pounds.


6. What is your color preference? Please list in order of preference. If you are only interested in specific colors please say so.

  • Please note, we will only advise you when dogs come available in the colors you have specified. Please be aware that some colors will fade as the dogs grow. Reds and chocolates in particular can fade. Apricot creams can darken or lighten.
  • All our Australian Labradoodle puppies are priced at $3000, except for blacks, creams and chalks which are priced at $2750, and phantoms which are priced at $2500.
  • We price reds, caramels, chocolates and apricots/apricot creams higher as they are our most requested colors.
  • We want to encourage you to consider other colors. We think all the Australian Labradoodle colors are extremely beautiful!

Red     Caramel     Apricot     Apricot Cream

       Chocolate/Cafe Au Lait     Gold    

Cream/Chalk     Black/Silver    

Chocolate Phantom    Black Phantom/Brindle   

7. What type of coat do you prefer? Fleece coat (little/no shedding) Wool Coat (no shedding) 
Does anyone in your family have allergies yes no
Please describe any allergies in your family.

8. Please describe your previous experience taking care of a dog

Do you have a dog currently? yes no
Do you have more than one dog? yes no       If so, how many?
What is the age of your dog or dogs now?
Are all dogs in your household spayed or neutered? yes no
If you already have a dog, where does he or she sleep? Where will your new puppy sleep at night?

9. Raising a puppy is a big responsibility. Are you committed to caring for your puppy for his or her entire life?
yes no


10. How many children in your household and what are their ages?


11. Does anyone in your family have special needs?

Please describe those special needs.


12. Do you have other pets in the household? Please describe.

13. Is your property or yard fenced? yes no partially

If not, how do you plan to keep your dog safe?

14. Will you agree to train your dog either by joining a dog class or having a trainer come to your home?
yes no


15. What experience do you have training a dog?


16. Are you planning to crate train your dog? yes no


17. Do you work full-time? yes no

Does your spouse work full-time? yes no

Do you work part-time? yes no

Does your spouse work part-time? yes no
What is your occupation?

What is your spouses occupation?


18. If you work, what are your work hours?

If your spouse works, what are his or her work hours? spouses work hours
What accomodations will you make for your puppy while you are at work?

Where will your puppy stay while you are away?

How much time will your puppy spent outside during the day?
Will the puppy be alone all day? yes no
Will someone be able to feed him and take him for a walk during the day? yes no


19. What is your lifestyle? Active Somewhat Active Sedentary 


20. What kind of dog would fit in well with your family? Active – Less Active Moderate Mellow 


21. Will you be traveling often? yes no
Who will take care of your labradoodle while you are away?

22. What is the name and phone number of the veterinarian or clinic you will be using for your puppy?


23. We request that you allow us to find a new home for your dog if you are no longer able to care for him or her.
Are you willing to agree to this? yes no


24. We want to be sure our dogs will NEVER be abandoned. Please answer the following statement:

I agree to NEVER relinquish my pet to any animal shelter or pet store!
yes no


25. Are you interested in pursuing any extended training classes with your dog in areas such as therapy work, agility training or obedience training?


26. Do you have any specific litter preferences? *Please note this is a preference only. There are many factors that go into the puppy allocation process. We will do our best to match puppies and families together, always keeping in mind first and foremost what is the best interest of the puppy, as well as your personal preferences.


27. We like to stay in touch with our puppy families, and keep tabs on how our pups are developing. Will you agree to drop us a line on occasion and update us on our pups? yes no.
We love to get pictures of our puppies as they grow up!


28. How do you plan to train and socialize your puppy during the first year of his or her life?


29. Is this your first dog? Please tell us about your past experience with dogs.


30. Australian Labradoodles typically live between 14 and 16 years. Are you prepared to care for your puppy for the span of his lifetime? yes no


31. Taking care of a puppy/dog can get expensive. Are you prepared and able to devote the necessary resources to keep your dog healthy, well fed, exercised, housed and trained? yes no


32. How did you learn about California Labradoodles?


33. Please provide the name and phone numbers of two references?


Online Signature





*Please note that we reserve the right to retain any puppies that we think have potential to become breeders
  for California Labradoodles. When the puppies reach the age of 6 - 12 months, we will evaluate if they have   developed the qualities we are looking to infuse in our breeding program.

*We make all our puppy allocations when the pups are at least 7 weeks old, and we can more accurately assess their temperaments.

*Please also note that at this time we are only breeding miniature and medium Australian Labradoodles.

*California Residents are required to pay 9.0% sales tax.

*All payments to be made in full before the puppy leaves breeder.

*Puppy's must be picked up within one week of allocation. After that we will charge a $45 per day boarding
  fee, $55 a day over the holidays, or your puppy will be reallocated to the next person on our waitlist.

*Puppy's may be picked up between the hours of 11 am and 2 pm weekdays only.

*Shipping cost will generally be $365 and includes shipping, insurance, transportation to the airport, crate, health certificate and vet examination certifying the puppy is safe to travel. We prefer to send puppies non-stop only for the safety of the pup. If connecting flights must be scheduled, there will likely be an additional fee to engage a premium service to hand carry the puppy between flights, or enable us to book your pup with shorter connection times. Also note that some cities are more expensive to get to than others, and the price of shipping will be adjusted accordingly.




Deposit Paid     Deposit Not Paid


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