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Welcome to California Labradoodles!

We breed miniature and medium Australian Labradoodles, and want you to have the opportunity to experience firsthand how very special the Labradoodle breed truly is. Admittedly, we are prejudiced, but personally we think you'll never find a more wonderful and loving family companion!

We fell head over heels in love with these wonderful dogs after adopting Buddy, our most wonderful Australian Labradoodle. Buddy is a neutered, sixth generation labradoodle (ALF6), the son of Tegan Parks Yum Yum and Rutland Manors Lil Blossom. He immediately captivated us with his tremendous intelligence, loving nature and playful comic antics! We loved the fact that he didn’t shed and that our children had no allergic reactions to Buddy. Friends of ours who couldn’t even come near a dog without breaking out could hold, hug and touch Buddy to their hearts content! But mostly we adored him because of his incredible temperament.

We were smitten from the second he arrived at the airport and fell so deeply in love with the labradoodle breed that we decided we need to surround ourselves with a whole pack of them! We invite you to browse our website and see if a California Labradoodle is right for your family!

We invite you to click on the meet our labradoodles button on the top of this page and check out our gorgeous labradoodles. All our labradoodles are raised in our home as part of our family or in carefully selected care families. Email us if you are interested in becoming a care family!

One of the most surprising discoveries we have made since owning labradoodles is how easy they are to train! (Just ask our dog trainer!) Our dogs are so smart, that sometimes we think they are training us! Australian doodles are funny, intelligent, loving, sociable, eager to please and oh so much fun! They are wonderful with children and great with our three teenage boys. They love people and are happiest cuddled up with a beloved family member.

California Labradoodles is located in beautiful Northern California. Our three labradoodles live with us in our house. The rest of our Australian Labradoodles live in carefully selected guardian homes. That way each and every puppy gets to grow up as a beloved and important member of their own family. We are not a kennel nor do we ever want to become one. We think three is the perfect number, and that way we have plenty of love to go around when our care family dogs come for a visit or to have their babies. Our house sits on three acres of wooded meadow with plenty of room for our dogs to play and exercise.  

Please email us with any further questions you have after browsing our website! Have fun!


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